Finding the Right Laptop

Whether you or someone you love is a senior in search of a laptop, it is important to find a product that fits the needs of a senior citizen. Pushy salespeople might try to pitch needless add-ins or features that will never get used and charge an exorbitant amount. Laptops are far more mobile than a standard computer and can be used from the comfort of a bed, chair, or couch. Their maneuverability makes them an asset and most laptops that are perfect for seniors come at an affordable price. Below is a list of a few of the laptops we found that work best for seniors’ needs while also not breaking the bank.

Huawei Volta-W50D MateBook D: $800-$1000

This is a laptop that has been built with seniors in mind. The keyboard has large keys that make it easy to see what buttons are being pressed. It also comes equipped with a backlight inside the keyboard to allow for maximum visibility at any time, day or night. The Matebook also comes standard with a high-resolution screen that will be perfect for anyone who loves looking at pictures or videos. The long-lasting battery and its light 4lb weight will allow a senior to be able to carry it to any room in the house with freedom. However, the camera on the laptop has a low-quality recording image. This means that if the senior likes to video chat with friends or family, they may not get great results. This is also one of the more expensive laptops available for senior’s needs.

Lenovo Yoga C930: $1000-$1200

If you or a loved one is a senior and is semi-versed on technology, this is the laptop with great usability. The design makes it very similar to a tablet and allows for an easy switch if that is something the user is familiar with already. This laptop also boasts a long battery life and a great processing speed. A user can watch videos in beautiful quality, look at pictures on social media, and play games at the drop of a hat. The loudspeakers are perfect for seniors with hearing difficulties and its lightweight design lends to great mobility. This device is unique as it is a 13.9-inch touchscreen. At will, the screen will flip down behind the keyboard and allowing the user to treat it like a tablet. There is also a built-in webcam cover for those concerned about hackers and privacy. The only takeaways from this laptop are its prohibitive price and there were user reviews that the screen wasn’t bright enough for some seniors.

HP Probook x360: $330

This is a device that was built to last. It has the added durability to keep working after any drop or spill, and is priced far lower than ordinary tougher laptops. This electronic comes with an 11.6-inch screen with touch capability to act like a tablet. Many seniors enjoy the quality of the screen and its ability to play high-quality video. Reviewers also enjoyed its speed and internet browsing capabilities. Weighing in at less than 3 pounds, this is one of the lighter laptops on the market. One of the only perceived drawbacks for this laptop is that it can be slow to load and play online games and if too much data is stored on the disk, it may begin to slow down performance.

Acer Swift 7: $1000

If your senior needs something portable that can be tucked away quickly and easily, this is the best electronic on the market. The entire device weighs 2.5 pounds and offers one of the thinnest designs you can find. Despite the low weight, it still offers a 13.3-inch screen to be able to see images, videos, and text clearly and in a great resolution. If you are concerned about security, the laptop also comes with a fingerprint reader that can be used to link multiple family members with a laptop. This will prevent any unwanted visitors from accessing their files. The fast processing speed of the Intel core processor allows for quick speeds for online media and games. While this laptop is one of the best on the market for seniors, it can be a bit pricey for some budgets.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6: $750-900

When it comes to a senior being able to read the screen and watch what is happening, this has one of the best displays on the market. Its display has been described as crisp, bright, and it produces clear images of text and photos. Additionally, it boasts a high power processor which allows it to perform far faster than most competing brands. The battery life of the Surface Pro is known to last over 13 hours per charging cycle. Another fun addition of this laptop is being able to use a pen to draw and write directly on to the screen. It is versatile and can be maneuvered between a keyboard, tablet, or a tablet that is propped up by a stand. One of the biggest drawbacks of this device is the lack of any USB ports. USB ports allow a user to plug in a camera or phone and link devices. If your senior like to have extra tools or memory sticks plugged in, this won’t be able to support that.

Lenovo G70 Premium 17.3-inch: $649

This device is for a senior who knows their way around technology. This comes with programs and the ability to create videos and photoshops featuring friends and family members. The durable design can actually sense when the laptop is dropped and it can protect the hard drive from damage to prevent a disaster. This computer also has 3d and Bluray qualities and offers an impressive visual experience for any users. This is a heavier build at 7.5 pounds and all of its performance makes it have a shorter battery life than others on the market.

Selecting the Perfect Laptop

Before jumping to make a decision on the flashiest or most affordable computer, it is important to take stock in your needs. Questions need to be asked regarding hearing and visual capabilities. Additionally, it is important to know how tech-savvy the senior is who will be using the device. This technology can be a breakthrough device for discovery, entertainment, and connecting with friends and family. You can meet with an associate in a store to discuss your various needs and what will work best for you or your senior.