Black Friday is considered to be a holiday treat as people look forward to buying all of their Christmas gifts at the best prices. Many items will be on sale, and some news stations report which stores will be opening on the Thanksgiving holiday, ahead of Black Friday. You are going to want to know who has the best brands on sale so you can swoop them up to make those loved ones happy on Christmas morning. 

Releasing The Ads

Normally you would find that most stores will start releasing their ads right before Thanksgiving. Also, there will Black Friday announcements hitting your emails for those stores that will be participating online. Amazon will most likely send you several notices. If you happen to miss Black Friday sales, then they will let you know about Cyber Monday. You will also hear on the news which stores will be opening towards the late evening on Thanksgiving to start welcoming the customers who have been camped outside. The reason some stores do this to alleviate some of the crowds that will be showing up the next day. 

Apple Products

There are thousands of people out there that love their Apple brand electronics, and you probably have some fans in your home. If your teenager or spouse has been wishing for an Apple iPhone, iPad, or Apple Air Pods, you can be sure that these items will be on sale somewhere. Now Apple may not put their iPhones on sale, but they may have their other devices ready for you to buy at a reduced price for the Christmas holidays. Plus, you can probably upgrade your iPhone with a sweet trade-in offer as a gift for yourself. Other stores will offer exclusive sales on the new iPhone 11, which you know your family would love. Plus, you can get the new Apple watch at a sweet deal. Those Mac Book prices are going to be reduced in time for Black Friday, and you can purchase one for the teenager you have heading off to college soon. These are items that you don’t want to drag your feet on! 


Samsung electronics are just as popular and have some very nice deals on Black Friday as well. You are definitely going to find the Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, and Note on sale and possibly cheaper than other smartphones. This would be a good option if you have teenagers who need their first phone but may be a bit careless. Samsung brands are known to be water-resistant and pretty tough when it comes to their handling. These smartphones will make a great addition to your household if you are a family who prefers getting Black Friday deals for Samsung products versus other brands.

The Television

If you are looking for a great deal on a TV as the perfect gift for someone, you will no doubt find them on sale on Black Friday. Some stores will have them at an already reduced price when you pick it up, but once you get it to the cashier counter, it will ring up to an even sweeter deal. The 4K TV and OLED TV are very popular during this season, and will likely be found at some astonishing prices. Some of the best brand names will be popping up to make their way to the forefront of those sales. 

Shopping On Amazon

Amazon is going to put as much of their brand named items on sale for Black Friday as possible. Merchandise that you wouldn’t even expect will be part of the Black Friday deals. Plus, they will offer special shipping to have your purchases delivered well before Christmas. Most of their items will be sold at a huge bargain, which will be competition for a lot of the local chains including Wal-Mart and Target. This is good because you can avoid the store crowds and shop with ease online to get what you need. If you spend a certain amount, there is likely a chance that you receive free shipping. It’s always a good idea to look at your emails to see what bargains you might find on toys or electronic devices and place them in your shopping cart beforehand. By the time Black Friday rolls around, you are going to be astonished at the price drops! 

Black Friday Over The Years

Every year, things change in terms of Black Friday sales. Some years are more prosperous than others. No one knows for certain how the Black Friday sales for 2019 will turn out, but it should be strong for most of the major chains taking advantage of it. The small brick and mortar shops may have a few good sales themselves. They will be fighting extra hard to get people into their stores. Black Friday is the best way to get more sales as a business and more bargains on the best brands for you!